Animal husbandry machinery common failure maintenance method summary


With the country's attention to the issues of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, more and more farmer friends put more energy on breeding, to do breeding needs animal husbandry machinery. However, many farmers of the lack of mechanical knowledge of animal husbandry, resulting in the failure of the machine is at a loss what to do. Today we explain the common livestock machinery maintenance method, I hope to help farmers friends.


1, tooth disk rotation is not working. The rotation of the rake tooth plate is not working, one is that the rake tooth is too strong, so that the rotation resistance of the tooth plate increases, easy to damage the rake tooth, can be eliminated through adjustment; Second, rolling bearing wear excessive, should be replaced rolling bearing.

2, the grass is not clean. The reason is that the arm teeth do not all land, arm teeth holding force is too small, change the pull spring in the position of the stretching adjustment plate to adjust.

3. The main common faults of small square baler are in knotter or knotter and baling bin. First clear the baling bin of hay, trigger the long arm rotation flywheel, until the completion of the tying process, careful troubleshooting.

The animal husbandry machinery

Rotary lawn mower

1. Wear and damage of the blade. Swing blade damage is mainly caused by hard objects encountered in the operation, swing blade is a pair of installation, such as damage, there will be a knife disc operation is not stable and not clean mowing phenomenon, should be timely replacement of a pair of blades. There are cutting edges on both sides of the blade. When one edge of the blade is worn, the blades on the left and right cutters can be replaced to use the cutting edge on the other side.

You can't cut the grass. When the cutter is blocked by the grass, the belt will slip. The clogging should be removed in time and the belt tension should be adjusted.

3. Leakage cutting fault. In the operation, the upper and lower blades of the cutter disc are broken or two blades meet with the hard object and retracted, but they are not thrown out. Please replace the new blade or pull out the blade in time.

Reciprocating mowing and flattening machine

1. The cutter blade and blade protector are damaged. The blade damage of lawn mower is mainly caused by the deformation of hard objects or blade protector during the cutting process, the adjustment of fixed blade is inconsistent, and the rivet of fixed blade is loose, resulting in blade fracture. The broken or damaged blade and blade guard should be replaced in time, the blade guard and the deformed blade should be corrected, and the blade rivets or screws should be tightened.

2. The cutter connecting rod is damaged. Cutter connecting rod damage is generally due to the cutter resistance is too big, cutter driving mechanism bearing (shock absorber rubber sleeve) damage, connecting rod fixed screw loose and other reasons. Adjust the damaged connecting rod in time, tighten the relevant parts, and replace the damaged bearing or rubber sleeve.

3. The blade is broken. The blade is usually broken at the head of the knife. The main reason is too much resistance, swing ring installation position is not correct or loose. Adjust cutting device and swing ring should be installed correctly. The broken blade shall be replaced with a spare cutter, and the broken blade shall be repaired.

The above is about some common livestock machinery failure solutions, equipment problems and can solve the problem in the first time can effectively improve production efficiency.

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