Agricultural production commonly used animal husbandry machinery classification
In the mechanized production process of animal husbandry, the production of feed crops generally USES the same agricultural machinery as the crop planting industry, such as agricultural power machinery, soil tillage machinery, planting machinery, drainage and irrigation machinery, fertilizer machinery and so on. Dedicated to animal husbandry machinery mainly has: grassland construction machinery, forage harvesting machinery, forage harvester, feed processing machinery, livestock and poultry feeding and drinking water, corral in addition to the manure and waste treatment machinery, corral environmental control equipment, livestock and poultry epidemic prevention and control of machinery, livestock and poultry products collecting and pretreating, animal husbandry, transportation machinery, etc. Among them livestock and poultry feeding and drinking water machinery and livestock and poultry shed defecation and excrement treatment machinery, with the different types of livestock and poultry breeding and different types (see pig farm equipment, chicken farm equipment, dairy equipment).
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